I ordered the Kit for our Dads for a Christmas Gift! They are both very hard to shop for...when I stumbled onto your website I was delighted (they both have gardens) and quickly placed an order for a Kit. My husband and I worked together (not one arguement) and had a terrific time. Your directions are a cinch to follow...even to a tool challenged person like me! We set our first completed sprinkler to the side of our front lawn...it was the hit of our block party...and a new part-time job for me! Thanks for sharing your information...it will surely bless my family and by accident my friends too!
Missy Y. Naperville IL
Sprinklers Kits
I must commend you on the great job you did making my sprinkler. It's absolutely great. I've looked at many sprinklers in the past two years and I am very pleased with the quality of your work. You get a 5 star + from me. Thanks so much for making the sprinkler for me. Karen S. Grafton WI You've done a great job of putting all this stuff together! It's very kind of you to share the information. As you know, most builders are not so generous. I think that with the size of the country, the chance of one of us costing someone else a sale by sharing is minimal. But that isn't the way some of the folks view it. John M. Indianapolis IN
I haven't run through a sprinkler in ages, so I couldn't resist dancing under the spray the other day - and I felt just like I did when I was a child. It was magical. Kate H. Cos Cob CT Thank you for the information regarding the stationary sprinkler head design. You've saved me a lot of grief, I think, since you've already done the experimenting. Since I'm new at this, I think I'll just stick with your original design. Ernie Z. Holly MI
My Dream Sprayer brings new life to my gardens! Not only is it a beauty to look at, but the magical spray is mesmerizing. After a hectic day in the work world, it's relaxing just to watch it spinning & spraying. Carmen L. Venice CA Got the kit yesterday. Thanks for the great instructions and even part #'s. They'll be a big help for a first timer like me. Thanks again for a great looking kit. I'll let you know how my first attempt turns out. Andy S. LaPorte IN
I have seen your sprinklers and I LOVE your web site. Very nice designs. Thank you so much for your time...and again, congratulations on a great web site!! Patricia S. Lucas OH Got the kit and made 3 Saturday, not bad - took about 1hr. each. VERY NICE. Mark K. Schererville IN
This is a great compliment since Mark is a plumber.
I'm sure I'll have many hours of enjoyment this summer from the 'Spring Water' Sprayer. I appreciate you selling a quality product and for being so prompt in your delivery. Thanks for making this a fast and easy transaction! Marina B. Danville VA
I have finished the first two sprinklers, both fairly simple in design. Both worked without a hitch. All the neighbors are green with envy and are asking if I can make them one. So far I'm having a good time building them and my wife is enjoying designing the inside. Tom S. Sheboygan WI
The copper sprinkler that you made for me is absolutely perfect. I'm really enjoying watching the water spin around in our front yard. I appreciate you completing it so fast allowing me to enjoy it for a good part of the summer. Cheryl K. Cedarburg WI I have to admit, I could find no subsitute for your swivel. I was impressed to see your use of the KISS concept. (keep it simple stupid). As of today, I've used all four swivels and I need more of them. Wayne P. Richmond VA
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