For years, we sent eight newsletters a year on the traditional solar observances, containing interesting and useful information about copper art sprinklers, and what's new at the website. For a variety of reasons, we haven't lately, but we have something better for you! If you like what you see on this site, sign up for a private showing of more designs, tips, and ideas by our members. Simply join and type in your name, address, and telephone number. No one will ever get your information from us, we detest spam as much as anyone. We'll send you the addresses of five more pages, where you'll learn other secrets of the art. See our hoop bending equipment, fixtures and jigs, U. S. copper sprinkler patents, including 21 pictures, FREE for our subscribers only.
Members can receive 1 Free bushing for each suggestion or picture published on this site.
Click on pictures to enlarge. Here's more designs by the master, Bob B:
A walk in the park
girl with umbrella walking in the rain in the park
Bob made this for his daughter.
Water sprays onto the umbrella!
Hummingbird glass copper art sprinkler
Stained glass
for his wife.
The Birds
Wild birds in tree copper sprinkler
Copper and Brass for his son
the Ornithologist.
Keep the Estate looking good.
Lawn mower spinkler
For their son who finds enjoyment in his pastime.

These are beautiful, spinning or not. We hope you enjoyed the view, and they give you ideas for one of your own.
Water the Flowers
Boy waters flower sprinkler
At first glance it looks like a boy watering the flowers with the garden hose, but on closer inspection there's cause for alert!

"Oh, No Ma! He's watering the garden without the hose!"
Celestial observation
Celestial observation sprinkler
More mischief! Another son likes to study the stars, but here's the man in the moon looking back at him, and the cloud has sprung a leak! A jet of water comes out of the cloud, and sprays right on the stargazers' telescope!
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