Armillary sphere ancient mariner's compass
Earth Rings $299 (12" dia.)
armilary sphere or astrolabe
cool circle of copper hoops like a globe
The King's Mirror
"If you wish to know what men seek in that journey thither in so great peril of their lives, it is the threefold nature of man that draws him.

One part thereof is the spirit of rivalry and the desire for fame; for it is man's nature to go where there is likelihood of great danger, and to make himself famous thereby.

Another part is the desire for knowledge; for it is man's nature to wish to know and see those parts of which he had heard.

The third part is the desire of gain; for men seek after riches in every place where they learn the profit is to be had, even though there is great danger in it."

Anonymous Viking Chronicle
The Company of Adventurers;
The Story of The Hudson's Bay Company
by Peter C. Newman

Empire of the Bay : The Company of... Adventurers That Seized a Continent by Peter C. Newman
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axis copper sprinkler art
Axis $259 (15" dia.)
axis design garden art sprinkler
germany axis
earth rings sphere copper art garden sprinkler
armillary sphere copper sprinkler
9 ring armillary sphere
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Armillary sphere copper sprinkler

germany axis design for copper garden art sprinkler
circle and half and quarter globe
Obliquity of the Ecliptic These Dream Sprayers tilt at 23.4, to mimic the wobble of the Earth over millions of years.

As Astronomers call it, Earth's obliquity of the ecliptic. Watch the video.
Armillary Sphere in a copper art sprinkler
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