Concrete copper art sprinkler bases made
with 2 quart and 5 quart ice cream pails.
Portable bases
for pools and ponds.
Place #10-24 threaded rod (bend 90d at the bottom) in a 2 quart or 5 quart ice cream pail and fill it with quick-crete for placement in a pond or pool.

The 2 quart container would be adequate for short sprinklers in shallow water. Use the 5 quart pail for most others.

These aren't good alternatives for the 4 pronger, as they only work where it's level. Click on pictures to enlarge.
concrete pool base for copper sprinklersprinkler concrete pail basetwo versions of concrete base for copper sprinkler
Susan M. of Lenexa, KS suggests a different method; "A flower pot base where the base is filled with concrete topped by stones or something decorative. Use a pot with the sides cut out for plants, or cut a hole in the side of the clay pot and put the hose connection on the outside. In this way, the pot/sprinkler could be placed on a patio, porch, or deck space without having to use the prong bases. I'm sure there'd be more cost and work involved, but for those container gardeners a good option."
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