There's an $11.96 book called Building Garden Ornaments that shows how to make 24 projects including a copper sprinkler. The directions say they 'found' two different materials they need for the bushing at a 'hobby and crafts' store, but didn't list a part number, what it cost, how much extra they had to buy, or a name of the store.

Another critical part for the bushing they 'found' at an auto parts store. The book says they "worked well and fit nearly perfectly." Nearly is not the same as exactly, which means they require some modification to fit. Without the proper tools (lathe) to accurately modify the part, how well it will actually work? I found the part at prices ranging from $2.29 to $3.33, plus tax, and you need 4 of them per sprinkler (year 2000 prices).

The directions list several other components needed, but don't list part numbers or sources!
They advise building a jig that captures the hoop inside of a plywood form. The jig shown to subscribers is much better, it's only necessary to control the inside dimension of the hoop. Ours permits you to make the proper fit to the tee, whereas their book says to cut it off twice to make it fit!?!?

Their approach to the bushing construction is overly difficult and unnecessary, while their base is a simple two-pronger!
The Dream Sprayer bushings are precision machined to fit exactly, you get all the component part numbers for stock items at national stores, complete directions, four prong bases and free telephone support. Do you prefer to make the best sprinklers with the least trouble, or read about it?
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"I just finished putting together the bushings I received from you. What a treat! They were so easy to do. The first sprinkler I built was done using the instructions from the book, "Building Garden Ornaments." Talk about complicated. First, I had to find the bushings at the automotive store. In these days of inventory control, the first store I went to only had one set on the shelf. I then had to go to another store to get another set and they were, of course, a dollar more expensive than the first store. I then had to find the brass tubing. I spent an hour on the phone with all the craft stores in my area and no one carried them. I finally found them at a model railroad supply store 25 miles from my home. So in the car I go and spend an hour on the road. Then it came time to put them together. The book states that the bushings fit almost perfectly. This is an understatement. I had to figure out a way to file the bushings down the same amount all the way around. I finally came upon the solution of putting a tapered item into my drill and slipping the bushing onto the item (I used the bottom half of a fat ink pen), then holding a file against the bushing as it spun. I had to do that with all four bushings. This took about another 15 minutes to accomplish. Then I added up the amount that I spent for all of this. It came to $9.69 for just the parts. I am not including the time or gas spent to find the parts, or the headache of trying to figure out how to get them together. I decided to try your bushings and I am so happy with how quick you shipped them out and with how easy they were to put together. I did all four of them in about 20 minutes. Since I plan to sell some of my sprinklers, I need to be able to do them at the best quality for the least amount of money. I am getting all my bushings from you from now on!" Janeen W. Seabeck, WA
"Jon, We bought that book. You're right, it's much easier to buy from you. My parents have sold 22 sprinklers. So, I'd say it's going pretty good. We're going to buy more supplies today. Seems like they're always running out of 1/4" tubing. I like frequenting your web site. You're always updating it and adding new pictures. Thanks" Susan K. Tecumseh NE
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