The Original Dream Sprayer. Sunday, May 18, 1998. Oneida WI
Barbara was visiting from California. She stopped at Lisa's house to see the kids and the garden. It was hot and dry, the kids were cranky, and the adults were looking for something to cool them all off. Then Lisa remembered the antique copper sprinkler she found at the auction. They hooked it up and everyone was happy.
Later, Barbara told Jon about the ancient sprinkler. Then, Jon told Bob, who knew right away what they were. He remembered seeing them as a kid. Together, we designed new ones for Barbara's California garden, and she christened them Dream Sprayers. That began this website for copper art sprinklers and the artists who make them. We're always interested in new projects, including joint ventures, co-marketing, sponsorship opportunities, and making affordable websites that work. Jon Freis.
Interested in owning a site combining literature, science and art? I'm getting old and it's hard to keep up. This site could use someone younger. If you'd like to own and CopperSprinkler.Org, call me at 920-776-1272. Send an email ahead of time so I answer the phone. Jon
The way we were, when we were just little rascals:
Sister Lisa the copper sprinkler antique shopper
Sister Barbara named them Dream Sprayers
the little rascals tv show
Little Rascals :
The Life and Times of...
Brother Jon the copper art sprinkler design
Brother Bob the old leprechaun who can make
Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson
Dream Sprayer 15634 Old CC, Maribel WI 54227-9760  Telephone: 920-776-1272
Visiting Door County, WI? We're 5 minutes east of I43, just off the Hwy 147 exit - call ahead for showing.
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