The Original Dream Sprayer Lawn and Garden Copper Art Sprinkler
25th Anniversary 1998 - 2023. Thank you all artists and customers!
Hand crafted sprinklers have been made for centuries in the same patient way they are today.

Paul Revere, one of our Nation's most popular coppersmiths, likely made a decorative sprinkler or two.

You've found the most extensive collection of designs, by the largest community of  independent copper sprinkler artists on Earth.

We share our expertise of the craft so you get the best value in this original art.
Who makes the copper sprinkler spinner swivel bushinghow do I make a copper art sprinkler spin

"You undoubtedly make the most
interesting sprinklers I've ever seen, probably the most unique in the world."

Joe K. Augusta GA .

Made in America
Where can I find the best copper art sprinkler
Paradox $299 (15" Dia.)
The inner wire triangle,
inside of the square tube,
opposite of
the outer hoop of tubing.
spinning kokopelli sprinklerswan song dream sprayer pyramid copper art pet memorial sprinkler spinnerThe Dream Sprayer Copper Art Sprinkler Kit is an ideal gift for the craftsman or hobbyist. The Kit contains every fitting. These are very popular at art festivals, craft shows, and country fairs. Available in the U.S. and Canada. 

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rare antique AXIS sprinklerearly 18th century sprinkler designLooking for that unique outdoor decoration for a special occasion, or a sentimental piece for your collection? This vintage yard art is the perfect antique accent for that nineteenth century house! Made by local artists, with a solid brass swivel bushing and a heavy steel four prong base. 12" or 15" diameter by 41" or 44" tall, and spray up to 20 feet in diameter. Purchase complete sprinklers, or make four sprinklers with our Kit - includes new detailed tool & material list.
6 legs, 6 prong copper sprinkler baseBest base for copper sprinkler
For 25 years, Dream Sprayer has provided more, for less cost.

Each sprinkler now comes with a 6 prong base.
Kits now include one sample 6 prong base.
complex geometric shape copper art sprinklerimpossible geometric shape copper sprinkler"My wife bought me a Kit for Christmas... Best present I've gotten since Santa brought me a bike when I was seven (and that was a long time ago)!!"  Vance H. Cheektowaga, NY First Vance built the 'Impossible' (right). Then he built the complex geometric shape to the left. When asked what he called it, he said, "So far, after building an 'Impossible,' we've jokingly referred to it as the 'Improbable.' Thanks for the encouragement, and the great kit that gets it all started." Everyone comes up with their own personalized design for copper art sprinklers, but Vance set a new standard with this trigonometric wonder!
wonderful copper garden yard artgarden art by dreamsprayer"Let me say that I am struck by both the sprinklers, as well as your professionalism. You offer up trade secrets, use of your designs and whatever else someone needs, just because you love to do it. In an age where everything is secret and closely held (no matter how mundane) this is refreshing."
"Here's some of my latest, including 'Butterfly Tree' and  'Butterfly Dreams'.  PS: I'm never gonna be able to keep up with the local demand."  Rusty R. Clintondale, NY
"I have been dabbling in copper for several years, making trellises, etcetera. I wanted something that would work in our pond; something that would rotate. Frustrated after looking in auto parts stores, hardware shops, bicycle shops, I searched the web and found you, and very glad I did!" Keith B. Moscow, ID
complex copper sprinklermerry go round sprinklerworld's most wanted sprinkler artbeautiful yard artcoolest copper sprinklerneat copper art sprinklerbest copper art sprinkler spinner bushing
The most ambitious copper art sprinkler ever, and it all spins on one Dream Sprayer swivel bushing!
Artist: Charlie Santoro 6 Canterbury Drive Port Chester NY 914-934-9221 more by Charlie
"You should've seen the look on their faces when they opened our gift." Ann B. Cedar Rapids IA
If you have another manufacturers broken copper sprinkler in need of repair,
read this.
coppersprinkler.comPlay Misty For Me - spinning copper art sprinklerearly 18th century sprinkler designrare antique sprinkler
"As always, your customer service is fantastic. Thank you for the fast service."
Lynda R. Plymouth WI

beautiful copper garden artspectacular copper art for the garden
Donelle and Charlie do nice work!
"Thank you for the speedy, professional, and quality service."
Tom F. St. Paul MN
Sprinklers available, made to order:
axis design copper art sprinkler by dream sprayer Axis 1, Axis 2 page
deer design for sprinkler by dream sprayer Compass page
armillary sphere copper art sprinkler design EarthRings 1, EarthRings 2 page
ground water design sprinkler GroundWater page
infinite design for copper art sprinkler Infinity 1, Infinity 2 page
play misty for me copper art sprinkler Misty 1, Misty 2 page
mirage design for copper art sprinkler Mirage 1, Mirage 2 page
paradox design sprinkler Paradox 1, Paradox 2 page
eight pointed star sprinkler Star 8Pt page
16 point star sprinkler Star 16Pt page
2008 design for a water fall in a sprinkler WaterFall page
witch ball sprinkler cobalt blue MirageWitchBallCobalt p.
ruby witch ball sprinkler MirageWitchBallRuby p.
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